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Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Dead Drop Orders #7
Reward:: None


Your mission is to kill a wood elf named Ungolim. He can be found in Bravil, by the statue of the Lucky Lady between 6pm and 1am. He knows you are coming, and will attack you on sight. There is no need to worry about guards, as they will not interfere and you will not get a bounty on your head. Ungolim uses a rather powerful bow, but he can be easily killed if you plan your attack. Disarming attacks works very well against him, as do disintegrating attacks/spells on his bow.

Once you have killed Ungolim, Lucien Lachance will show up and start yelling at you. He will claim you are a traitor, but he will soon realize you are both being set up. Apparently, every dead drop since the mission Next of Kin has been false and have had you systematically killing off members of the Black Hand. The Black Hand now believe the Lucien himself is the traitor and are relentlessly hunting him down. He asks you to watch your next dead drop, believing that you may be able to intercept the false delivery.

Note: If you kill Ungolim in an area inaccessible to an NPC (A rooftop for instance) you will get a journal entry that says Lucien is coming to talk to you, however since he cannot reach you, even if you get off the roof, the quest will remain unfinished. If you immediately kill Ungolim and come off the roof, Lucien might find you. If he doesn't, wait a few days in the same place. It is unknown if this bug is always occurring or if the bug is only conditional.

Note: All fake dead drop orders actually have a different apperance in your inventory.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

I must go to the city of Bravil, and lie in wait near the ancient statue known as the Lucky Old Lady. A Wood Elf named Ungolim visits the statue every night between around 6:00 PM and 1:00 AM to make a wish, as is the local custom. When I see Ungolim, I must kill him. I should be warned, however, that Ungolim has been alerted to danger, and if he senses an assassin will probably attack on sight. He has also bribed the guards to look the other way if there is a fight. Perhaps a stealth approach would be best...

After killing Ungolim:

Ungolim is dead. I must now journey to the city of Anvil, and pick up my reward and next contract at the dead drop there. It is located in the barrel just behind the pond, in the city of Anvil.

When Lucien intercepts you:

I was intercepted by Lucien Lachance shortly after Ungolim was killed.

Previous Quest: The Coldest Sleep Next Quest: Following a Lead

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