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Faction: Mages Guild
Quest giver: Raminus Polus
Reward: Your completed Mage's Staff


This is the first quest for the Mages Guild after Join the Mages Guild.

Raminus Polus asks you to travel to Wellspring Cave, east of the Imperial City, to find Eletta and Zahrasha to find wood for your Mage's Staff.

After you enter the cave, you'll discover that the people you were supposed to meet have been overtaken by Necromancers. Make sure to search Zahrasha's body on the floor for the key as soon as you enter to unlock the door once you reach the end. You'll fight a number of them in the small cave, and then come out on the otherwise impassable island just east of the city. There are a few more Necromancers, in particular Noveni Othran. Defeat them and you can find your Unfinished Staff in a stone chest. If you can't defeat them, escape to the city and when they follow you the guards will attack them.

Return to Polus and after some consternation about the necromancers, he sends you to Delmar at the Chironasium. There he asks you to compose your staff for Destruction, Illusion or Mysticism. In each of these areas, there are three spell choices:

The power of the staff's spell will depend on your level and will always have 40 uses. After choosing, Delmar asks you to return the next day for your completed staff. It will be found in the cupboard behind him.

Journal EntriesEdit

After accepting the quest from Raminus Polus:

I need to find the grove near Wellspring Cave, northeast of the Imperial City, to acquire wood for my Mage's Staff.

Once you enter into Wellspring Cave:

I have arrived at Wellspring Cave. I should speak with Eletta or Zahrasha.

After killing a few necromancers and discovering Zahrasha's body:

I have found Zahrasha, who is dead. I should investigate what happened to her.

After exiting the cave and defeating more necromancers:

The necromancers that ambushed me have been defeated. I need to get wood for a staff and get back to Raminus Polus to tell him what's happened.

After discovering Eletta's body:

I have found Eletta, who is dead.

After updating Raminus on what has transpired:

I have checked in with Raminus Polus. I now need to find Delmar in the Arcane University.

After choosing a type of staff from Delmar:

I've chosen a staff, and need to speak to Delmar when it is complete.

After 24 hours and receiving your new staff:

My Mage's Staff is complete.

Previous Quest: Join the Mages Guild Next Quest: Ulterior Motives

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