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Faction: Mages Guild
Prerequisites: Rank of Arch-Mage
Quest giver: Raminus Polus, found either in the Arch-Mage's tower or the mage quarters at the Arcane University in the Imperial City.
Reward: Access to the Enchanted Chest

Background InformationEdit

Upon being bestowed the rank of Arch-Mage by Raminus Polus, there will be a dialogue option for Alchemy Acquisitions. One of the perks of being Arch-Mage is that you may request the aid of almost any mage in the University, up to two mages.


Polus will send you to speak with Julienne Fanis, the mage who tends the Lustratorium, about acquiring alchemy ingredients. She is most often found in the Lustratorium, or in the mage quarters. Upon speaking with her, she will tell you that the late Arch-Mage Traven had a fondness for alchemy, and that he would often send her to acquire rare ingredients. Because her time is limited, she could not keep up with his requests, and so eventually created the Enchanted Chest for him. It has the ability to replicate ingredients placed inside it. Since you are now Arch-Mage, you may use the chest for yourself.


  • As soon as you are promoted to Arch-Mage, you can use the enchanted chest – you do not need to complete this quest. The quest simply gives you basic information on how to use the chest.
  • Nirnroot cannot be duplicated with the enchanted chest nor can ingredients from the shivering isles. Instead, it will be erased.

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