The following is a list of Apparatus IDs. To receive the apparatus you want, type in the following in the console:

player.AddItem <itemID> <number>

"<itemID>" is the actual item's ID number and "<number>" refers to how many of that item you want.

  • Apprentice Alembic 0006E310
  • Apprentice Calcinator 0006E311
  • Apprentice Mortar & Pestle 0006E312
  • Apprentice Retort 0006E313
  • Expert Alembic 0006EE5C
  • Expert Calcinator 0006EE5E
  • Expert Mortar & Pestle 0006EE60
  • Expert Retort 0006EE62
  • Journeyman Alembic 0006EE52
  • Journeyman Calcinator 0006EE55
  • Journeyman Mortar & Pestle 0006EE57
  • Journeyman Retort 0006EE59
  • Master Alembic 0006EE64
  • Master Calcinator 0006EE66
  • Master Mortar & Pestle 0006EE68
  • Master Retort 0006EE6A
  • Novice Alembic 00010604
  • Novice Calcinator 0001057D
  • Novice Mortar & Pestle 000C7968
  • Novice Mortar & Pestle 000105E3
  • Novice Retort 00000C4F

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