Birth atron
The Atronach birthsign doesn't allow a player to regain Magicka through resting, but instead confers a 50% Spell Absorption to recharge your Magicka. The base Magicka is also increased by 150 points.


The Atronach birthsign gives you the best magicka boost in the game. However until you get your alchemy skill going you won't have many effective ways to regenerate magicka. Using this with the Altmer race gives you the most magicka possible. The spell absorbtion helps to offset the Altmer weaknesses to magicka. Adding a 20% Spell Absorption spell, or Spellbreaker also helps.

Someone playing a warrior race (like the Redguard or Orsimer) could also conceivably benefit from this, should the player be interested in making a 'balanced' character.

Getting around the Stunted Magicka penaltyEdit

The Stunted Magicka effect makes your character unable to regenerate Magicka by waiting or resting, and disables the regeneration you would gain from Willpower. Fortunately, there are ways to manage this penalty:

  1. Keep a supply of Restore Magicka potions with you. Pre-made potions are useful, but custom Restore Magicka potions prove to be much more effective once you've raised your Alchemy skill; for the best potions, get the best Alchemy apparatuses you can find. Custom potions also tend to be lighter than pre-made potions (depending on what you made them with), meaning you'll be saving bag space.
  2. Welkynd Stones, found in Ayleid ruins, will fully restore your Magicka when used. They can prove quite useful in a tight situation, and you don't have to worry about how much Magicka you get back or how fast you get it back (which is one of the few drawbacks of potions). Welkynd Stones have two major drawbacks, though: They take up a whole unit of Encumbrance (which could be considered "heavy" when compared to the typical weight of potions), and there is only a limited number of Welkynd Stones in the game (though this isn't much of a problem if you use a duplication exploit on the Stones you have).
  3. Absorb Magicka spells and enchantments can be quite useful; not only do you restore your own Magicka, but you also lower your opponent's. But, this usually means you'll need to get up close to attack, so unless you're playing a melee-heavy character that can be a problem. An easy way to get around this requires you to have joined the Mages Guild. Using the Altar of Enchanting, create a bow with an Absorb Magicka enchantment, and (optionally), a short Soul-Trap enchantment for recharging. You can also do the same with a spell with the Altar of Spellmaking, however, you can't sneak attack with a spell, meaning this can be less useful for stealthy characters.
  4. Ayleid Wells will restore your Magicka when activated. They can be somewhat tough to find, though, and chances are you'll only find them when you don't need them.
  5. The buffs given by some shrines can be absorbed with the Spell Absorption effect.
  6. Finally, you can let enemies cast spells at you; your 50% Spell Absorption ability should convert around half of the spells cast at you into Magicka (this also works with the effects on enchanted items). Boosting your Spell Absorption will make it even easier to get Magicka back with enemy casters.


A bug has been reported where those who have chosen this birth sign can cast a Telekinesis spell and regain Magicka equal to the base Magicka cost of that spell. For example, when casting Remote Manipulation with a Mysticism level of 100, the spell costs the player 5 Magicka, but since the base cost of the spell is 28, the player regains a total of 23 Magicka. This reportedly works with all Telekinesis spells. Note however, that the player can never end up with more Magicka than his maximum amount minus the spell's cost. This bug can be very useful indeed, especially for higher level spells that have a huge base Magicka cost, but since this is technically a bug exploit it may disappear in future patches.

(Summary and picture from Official Elder Scrolls Site)