Prerequisites: After Dagon Shrine but before Light the Dragonfires
Quest Giver: Guard (At Gate)
Reward: +1 Fame, +2 Fame for closing the gate.
Necessary Equipment: All the things you need to survive a long stay in Oblivion, potions, good weapons and armor are all recommended.

Background InformationEdit

This is a minor quest that starts when you enter the Fort Sutch area. It consists of a small group of the Imperial Legion being attacked by creatures from an Oblivion Gate.


Starting the quest is rather easy. Find Fort Sutch and look for an Oblivion Gate nearby. There should be several Imperial Legion soldiers attacking the Dremora and other baddies coming out of the gate. Once you have disposed of all the nearby enemies, one of the soldiers will ask you to enter the gate and close it. Like every other gate, it will be a randomly created realm, and you must adapt. Close the gate, which will give you +2 additional fame with the +1 fame for finishing the quest.(note:when the legion soldiers assault the gate,be sure to keep the captain alive since he will give you the can just close the gate though,but it only gives you 2 fame 

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