Golden Saint

Golden Saint

Aureals, commonly known as Golden Saints are the guards of the northern region of the Shivering Isles. They are the creatures of Sheogorath and protect the region from harm. They can be found in the Bliss region of New Sheoth. They are not overly fond of Dark Seducers.Their common greeting is " Speak quickly mortal!" And their common parting is "Go!" They also seem to have forgone their all head encompassing helms from Morrowind as well as taking trips to the mortal plane.

Despite their name, they have little love for the mortal inhabitants of Shivering Isles. They are quick tempered, short of patience when spoken to and are quick to deal cruel and harsh punishments.


  • Golden Saint
  • Golden Saint Mage
  • Golden Saint Archer
  • Golden Saint Guard
  • Golden Saint Aurgezel
  • Golden Saint Escort


  1. Auren (soldiers)
  2. Auredel (not used in-game)
  3. Aurmok (not used in-game)
  4. Aurmokel (not used in-game)
  5. Aurig (officers)
  6. Malaurig (second-in-command)
  7. Pelaurig (commanders)



The Aureals carry various weaponry, ranging from Golden War Axes, Golden Shortswords, Golden Bows, Golden Arrows and a Golden Saint Shield. The armour and helmet are actually part of the character model and so cannot be taken off. If the player chooses to become Duke of Dementia, and thus aids the Aureals in Brellach during The Helpless Army, he/she will then receive a set of wearable Golden Saint Armour.


Sometimes when a citizen attacks another citizen or a guard, the golden saint will use a spell on the attacker, which sometimes causes to hurt each other and make a big guard on guard battle. Also, when they are busy, this could take a quite long time. When they are ready, you could always take the loot they drop, watch out for broken golden war axes lying all over the ground.

In later levels Golden Saints are equipped with Golden Saint Swords. These compliment the armour well if you've acquired it, and even unenchanted, can harm ethereal creatures.