Bandits are opportunistic vagabonds who will attack you as soon as they detect you. They usually roam the major roads that link the cities of Cyrodiil. They sometimes take up residence inside or just outside of ruins, forts and caves. They are found at most camps around Cyrodiil. A bandit may be any of the major races of Tamriel. They are generally outfitted with mismatched light armor, depending on the player's level. They will always wear at least a light armor cuirass and boots, except bandit hedge wizards who may wear a robe instead of a cuirass. Common bandits will never wear a helmet. Bandit ringleaders and other high rank bandits will usually have an enchanted weapon and wear a helmet, along with enchanted armor.

Bandits may carry anywhere from one to three lockpicks.

Bandits and Marauders will fight each other if they meet. This is most common in Rockmilk Cave. Bandits will also fight other creatures in the wild. If a bandit dies on a hill and drops his/her weapon you will often see it roll past. This can be seen as a warning that a strong enemy is up ahead or that a soldier of the Imperial Legion has just earned his salary.

Similar to the bandit is the Highwayman.


Black bow banditEdit

See Black Bow Bandit.


The standard melee bandit. These bandits are normally Redguards and Khajiiti. Their light armor will vary depending on your level.

Bandit BowmanEdit

Bandit Bowman is an aggressive bandit and will attack on sight with bows and arrows. These bandits are normally Dark Elves and Wood Elves. These bandits' bows and arrows will most often be dependent on the player's level. They will usually run back and continue shooting if you approach them; otherwise, they might have a back-up weapon, such as a dagger. Like ordinary bandits, they will have mismatched light armor that is level-dependent, and no helmets. They typically have less health than their melee counterparts, due to different races and classes.

Bandit Hedge WizardEdit

Bandit Hedge Wizards are simply magic users. These bandits are normally Bretons. They often will wear a plain gray robe and may be equipped with enchanted clothes. They may have leveled armor boots and a leveled dagger. Hedge wizards will often cast invisibility or chameleon spells, then attack you with the dagger or Destruction magic. They are usually found with other bandits, and are found inside or around Ayleid ruins, forts, or caves.

Bandit RingleaderEdit

Bandit Ringleaders are Bandits who are tougher than the average bandit. They will usually carry light armor and weapons of high quality in comparison to the player's level. It is common to find one or two Ringleaders in locations with large numbers of bandits.

Locations where bandit ringleaders may frequently be found include:

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