Battlehorn Man-At-Arms

A Man-At-Arms

Battlehorn Men-At-Arms also known as Knights of the True Horn are guards who patrol Battlehorn Castle and once you have gained the deed to the castle you can order them to follow you and they will fight alongside you. When you purchase the Battlehorn Barracks and Battlehorn Captain upgrades from Nilphas Omellian you get two additional knights and Castellan Athon, respectively. If a knight dies, they will respawn in roughly three or four days. However, if Castellan Athon dies, you will have to purchase a different Castellan from Nilphias and he will be weaker.

All of the men and the captain are equipped with Steel Armor, Ebony longswords, and a Shield of True Horn (the stats of this shield are the same as the Steel Shield, but it has a higher gold value and a different texture).


  • The Men-At-Arms are practically worthless at higher levels, as their equipment stays at a very poor level even when the player reaches levels of 20+. (Personal Experience) In my own experience I have noted that Men-At-Arms rarely survive a third of most dungeons at high levels. (Spriggs077)