A bear

Bears are ferocious animals that attack you with claws. Bears come in two varieties: brown and black. The Brown Bear is the stronger of the two bears and has incredibly high Health, and are most often found in the mountains near Bruma. Spriggans summon a Black Bear to aid them.

General StatsEdit




Damage typesEdit

  • Physical

Soul levelEdit

  • Lesser (300)

Quest Edit


Black BearEdit

The Black Bear is a weaker version of the Brown Bear, commonly found in the Jerall Mountains and other mountainous areas. Can be difficult for low level players. Drops Bear Pelt when killed.

Brown BearEdit

Rather strong type of bear that can be found around Kvatch and Skingrad.

West Weald BearEdit

  • Strengths
    • Frost Resist 20%
  • Weaknesses
    • Normal but has the disease Yellow Tick that drains its strength by 5 and speed by 10
  • Damage Types
    • Physical

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