Value: 30GoldIcon
Weigth: 8WeightIcon
A Bear Pelt is an nearly unusable item retrieved from the carcasses of dead Black Bears and Brown Bears. They can also be found as random loot on some enemies, including vampires or early bandits (that wear fur). The only real (known) use for them besides selling them is available after downloading the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in, in which you can request Battlehorn Castle's taxidermist (Melisi Daren) to create a stuffed bear, for which you need one Bear Pelt.

Related questsEdit

  • Twenty bear pelts are needed in order to complete the Master Destruction training mission (i.e., Bralsa Andaran agrees to train you only if you gather them). They are also how you make amends if you wronged a fellow member of the Fighters Guild.

Locations of Vendors Selling Bear Pelts:

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