Quest giver: Thorley Aethelred at the Shardrock settlement
Reward: A random skill book


Thorley Aethelred, a shepherd at the Shardrock farm west of Skingrad (about half-way to Kvatch north of the road) asks for your help because West Weald Bears have been attacking his flock. You need to kill six of them and bring their fangs back to Thorley for the reward.

Walkthrough Edit

The bears can easily be found just north and west of the farm. They can run very fast, however, they turn extremely slowly. They are very strong and their attacks come in rapid succession. Circling constantly and attacking from the side is an effective tactic. Be sure to save early as they can notice you before you see them, even when you sneak. Another possible method would be to attract their attention and the jump onto a rocky outcropping where they cannot follow, leaving them open to attacks from a bow or destruction magic.

The reward is randomly chosen from six different books that when read will increment the level of one of your combat-oriented skills. The books chosen from are The Warp in the West (block), History of the Fighters Guild (heavy armor), The Argonian Account, Book 1 (athletics), Master Zoaraym's Tale (hand-to-hand), Battle of Sancre Tor (blade), and Mace Etiquette (blunt). There is an equal probability that you will receive any particular book.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

Thorley Aethelred, a shepherd who lives at the Shardrock Farm, has tasked me to slay six West Weald Bears and bring back their fangs as proof. They've been threatening his sheep, and he has nowhere else to turn.

After you've collected your first West Weald Bear Fang:

I've obtained the first West Weald Bear Fang from a bear that has been threatening Thorley Aethelred's sheep.

After the second:

I've obtained the second West Weald Bear Fang.

After the third:

I've obtained the third West Weald Bear Fang.

After the fourth:

I've obtained the fourth West Weald Bear Fang.

After the fifth:

I've obtained the fifth West Weald Bear Fang.

After the final West Weald Bear Fang:

I've obtained the sixth and final West Weald Bear Fang. I should return to Shardrock and give the fangs to Thorley Aethelred as proof of my deed.

Once you've talked to Thorley Aethelred again:

I've given all six of the West Weald Bear fangs to Thorley Aethelred, who in turn rewarded me with an enchanted tome.

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