The location of Bleaker's Way

Bleaker's Way is north of the Imperial City, slightly West of the Silver Road and South of the Orange Road.

Bleaker's Way is a quiet little town where its two families, one Nord and one Dunmer, live together in joyous harmony. The heads of each family meet every night to insure that their quiet little community settles their differences with words instead of battle. Mephala is outraged by their lack of desire to kill each other, and instructs you to fix it in the Shrine of Mephala quest.

Caution: If you are not on the quest for Mephala, it is best to avoid doing anything in this town as it might cause you to fail the quest, even if you haven't received it, without knowing.

As there are no guards near the town, you can easily kill one or all the residents there to join the dark brotherhood.

Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn is on the northeast side of town. Although there are no rooms for rent, you are free to sleep upstairs in one of the beds for no cost.

There are fifteen Steel-Blue Entoloma scattered around the settlement.

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