Main Quest

Deliver the Amulet
Find the Heir
Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Weynon Priory
Path of Dawn
Dagon Shrine
Blood of the Daedra
Bruma Gate
Allies for Bruma
Sancre Tor
Defense of Bruma
Great Gate
Light the Dragonfires
Imperial Dragon Armor



Faction: Main Quest
Prerequisites: Deliver the Amulet, Find the Heir quests
Quest Giver: Any survivor of the Kvatch attack
Reward: Sigil Stone, based on character's level.

Background InformationEdit

At the base of the hill of Kvatch, speak to one of the survivors. You learn that the few remaining guards are still fighting near the city gate. Head up the path and you will eventually reach three guards and their captain. Speaking to him will let you know that Martin, the heir you are looking for, is trapped inside the city. You can head inside the city now and go inside the chapel and speak to Martin, but he won't come with you until all people go, and they won't go until the captain gives the all clear order.

Note: This Mission is best attempted at a lower level (1-5) and should be one of the main priorities when you start the game. Although it is not impossible when you are at a higher level, it is still considerably harder as your allies all wear the same armour regardless of your own, and your enemies are levelled and can easily kill the guards. Scamps are a lot easier to face at this stage than Spider Daedra and Daedroth, which you will face at higher levels, due to you and your allies' vulnerability at certain stages in the mission.

Into the Gate to OblivionEdit

Short SummaryEdit

Enter into Oblivion through the fiery gate. (This does not mean walk through the gate. Rather it means walk up to the gate and click on the gate frame. Otherwise, you stay in Kvatch.) Once inside, you discover a hellish world surrounded by lava. The Oblivion gate can be deactivated as follows: Climb the central tower, find the keys to open the right doors, and take the Sigil Stone at the top of the final tower. Throughout Oblivion are sprinkled semi-rare alchemy ingredients, especially Bloodgrass. Take this chance to collect as much as you can, so that you won't have to make any special trips into Oblivion when in need.


Enter the Oblivion Gate that stands before the city gates (stand near it and press "space" for the PC, "X" for the PS3 or "A" Button for 360; it works like a normal door except you can walk through it). Once you are inside, the first thing you will see is a burned body and a whole lot of magma. At this point, one or two scamps (or other level-dependent creatures) will spawn and start attacking you, but you will get some assistance from one of the surviving guards who went in before you did. You can tell him to stick with you, or leave. The choice is entirely optional but it is suggested that you let him come with you, because you will need all the help you can get. But don't let him do all the work since he will die so assisting him and saving his life will be recommended but not mandatory.

Start out by heading to the left and following the path. Your objective will be the large towers in the middle. Along the way you will encounter several more level-dependent monsters. Either way, watch out for the red plants and other small flora/fauna on the ground as these are capable of attacking and hurting you or your allies, if you chose to bring them.

Once you are inside the towers, kill the monsters and head upstairs. You will come to a room with a spike trap on left side of the wall. Take the leftmost door. This will bring you to a walkway that leads to a second tower. Once inside, move upstairs and kill the Dremora. You will see another survivor named Menien Goneld in a cage. The survivor will tell you to take the key from the Sigil Keeper in order to reach your ultimate destination. You cannot free him or help him to escape; he will only tell you to close the gate. If you interact with the cage nothing will happen.

Head back into the first tower and go through the door on your left by using the key you just obtained. From here on, it is simply a matter of fighting your way upwards through the Daedra and Scamps in your way. Upstairs, take the Sigil Stone to close your first Oblivion gate. Once done, the building will start to collapse, but you will be safely teleported outside the now-ruined gate.

Note: If you stay at the same position as you were when taking the Sigil stone and still aiming at the spot where the Sigil stone was, you can click or press A there again for another stone. If you press it rapidly you can get 3 random stones. Saving while the stone is shrinking and then loading if you are not happy with the effects will get you the same shrinking stone with other effects (Confirmed on Xbox 360). Can also be done on the PC version of the game, although saving while 'button-mashing' for the stones will stop any other stones appearing, instead save before you activate the first stone and keep going until you get the right combination (Confirmed).

Back at KvatchEdit

Head back to the Captain and speak to him. He will congratulate you and then ask you to enter the burned-out city on a rescue mission. There will be a few more Daedra in the square beyond the gates which you and your companions must kill. Once the coast is clear, you can enter the church where the captain will evacuate the survivors.

At this point, you can speak to Martin to continue with the main quest or head back into the church to continue with the optional second part of The Battle for Castle Kvatch by speaking to the Captain.

Note: You can choose to take Martin to Weynon Priory at this point, as further helping Kvatch is completely optional. You can also choose to return later to fight more powerful Daedra.

Journal Entries Edit

Speaking to Savlian Matius:

Savlian [sic] Matius asked me to help close the Oblivion Gate outside the ruins of Kvatch. He sent some of his men into it, but they never came back. I should let him know when I'm ready to help.

After agreeing to help Matius and his men:

I have agreed to help Savlian Matius of the Kvatch Town Guard and his men as they attempt to reach some survivors trapped in the Chapel of Akatosh inside the city. He is willing to lead his guardmen back into the city to attempt a rescue, but the enemy have opened an Oblivion Gate across the entry to the city.

After discovering that at least one survivor was taken into Oblivion:

At least one survivor of the assault on the Oblivion Gate has been taken to the large tower within Oblivion. I need to search for him there.

After finding the survivor imprisoned and speaking with him:

I found the prisoner in Oblivion. He told me I need to reach the top of the largest tower and look for the Sigil Stone. But I will need the Sigil Keeper's key to gain entry into the Sigil Keep.

After taking the Sigil Stone and closing your first Oblivion Gate:

I have closed the Gate by taking the Sigil Stone that anchors it within Oblivion. I should tell Savlian Matius that the way into Kvatch is now open.

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