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Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Dead Drop Orders #3


This is a relatively simple just-go-kill quest. You are to kill J'Ghasta in Bruma. Head there and break into his house. Although it seems he's not home, you will find him in the basement training. Head downstairs. Behind the stairs is a trapdoor covered by cloths. Head into the trapdoor and kill J'Ghasta. Just remember that he is a master of hand to hand combat. Unless you have some good combat skills, J' Ghasta can kill you easily if you let him close enough, so take advantage of his short range; hit him with some nasty spells or some poison arrows and you'll wonder what the fuss was about. If you are worried about the battle, get him to follow you into some dangerous place--he's a sucker for death traps. (Note: Just running outside will not work, as the guards will not attack him.)

If you're interested in getting some Black Hand robes early on, you can find some in a wine keg on the first floor. These will be marked as stolen, but a good way to get around this is to leave the house and drop the robes, then pick them up again. Later, you will get a chance to receive a pair of your own, too.

Pick up your reward and your next dead drop orders under the Old Bridge south of Imperial City.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

I have picked up my next contract from the dead drop in the Castle Skingrad well. I have been ordered to kill the Khajiit J'Ghasta, who can be found at his house in Bruma. J'Ghasta is a master of unarmed combat, and will prove a challenging opponent. I should also be aware that J'Ghasta is expecting trouble, and has paid off the guards to look the other way if our fight spills out into the city streets.

After killing J'Ghasta:

J'Ghasta is dead. I must pick up my reward and next contract at the dead drop located in the rotten box under the Old Bridge, just south of the Imperial City.

Previous Quest: Next of Kin Next Quest: Final Justice

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