Calm is a spell of the College of Illusion that reduces the target's inclination to attack. The magnitude is the level affected: the spell only works on NPCs/creatures up to the level specified. Undead and Daedra cannot be calmed.

This spell is useful if you accidentally cause someone to attack you (whether through a quest, assaulting them or by using Frenzy) and wish to talk to them, but cannot yield. It can also come in handy if you want to hold a creature or person fairly still, to heal yourself or recover fatigue, and can't afford to use Paralyze. Or maybe if you are taking on two enemies at once, you could calm one of them and attack the other. However, unlike paralysis, attacking the target will raise their aggression, so further calming will be required.

It may also be possible to enchant a weapon with the Calm effect and have the enchantment cancel out any aggression caused by the weapon's damage.

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