Camps are waypoints in the wilderness that usually consist of one or two tents with beds, a small campfire, and a chest, sack, or bag of some sort. One or two aggressive bandits also usually occupy camps, but some campers are friendly. Camps serve as a place to rest in the wilderness or serve as useful waymarks on the compass. There are some camps in Cyrodiil that have no mapmarker.


List of camps alphabetically Edit

The following is an alphabetical list of camps, there is also an alphabetical listing of all articles related to camps. Camps that are added by plug-ins are noted with the plug-ins name. See also the list of Shivering Isles camps.

List of camps by region Edit

The following is a list of camps by region in Cyrodiil, there is also a list of camps for the Shivering Isles expansion.


City IsleEdit


Colovian HighlandsEdit

Gold CoastEdit

Great ForestEdit



Jerall MountainsEdit

Nibenay BasinEdit

Nibenay ValleyEdit

Valus MountainsEdit




West WealdEdit

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