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A typical cave

Caves are a combination of natural formations and mines. You will encounter these often in your travels. They usually contain a combination of hostile NPCs, such as bandits, and monsters. Common monsters include rats, various undead and goblins. The standard drill is wander around, kill hostiles, look for chests and take the loot. Although dark, these caves have a surprising amount of light, much of it coming from holes to the outside. If you need more light, you can use a torch, magic or just jack up the brightness setting in options. Many caves have multiple levels. Others are quite small. Many places are quite cramped and also contain dead ends and obstructions, which can create some tactical challenges and opportunities. Be careful to not get backed into a corner. Also, goblins love traps. If you see typical goblin decor, expect a swinging log around the next bend with your name on it.

List of caves alphabeticallyEdit

List of caves by regionEdit


City Isle Edit

Colovian HighlandsEdit

Gold CoastEdit

Great ForestEdit


Jerall MountainsEdit

Nibenay BasinEdit

Nibenay ValleyEdit

Valus MountainsEdit



West WealdEdit

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