A class generally refers to the type of character that a player chooses. A player can create his or her own class, or can choose from one of the following pre-made classes.

The ClassesEdit

  • Acrobat: The kind of person that uses agility and endurance to their advantage. Unafraid of jumping long distances.
  • Agent: Charming when they can be seen and almost invisible when in shadow.
  • Archer: A marksman, adept at combat at great distances. Able to take down most foes before they have a chance to draw sword.
  • Assassin: Nimble and quiet, they move in darkness to strike at the unsuspecting. Locks hold no doors shut to them.
  • Barbarian: Fearsome brutes who inspire fear and dread in the hearts of their enemies. Like a storm, swift and powerful. Finding little use for heavy armor, they rely on smashing their foes into the ground.
  • Bard: Intelligent and personable, they prefer to accomplish tasks with their words first, and sword second.
  • Battlemage: Able to resolve most conflicts with either spell or sword. They are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier.
  • Crusader: A combatant who wields the power of brute strength and medicinal knowledge. Cheating death after every fight, they rely on their keen knowledge of restoration to fight yet again.
  • Healer: Fighters of poison and illness. The ancient art of restoration is their ally, and the deadly art of destruction is their weapon.
  • Knight: The most noble of all combatants. Strong in body and in character.
  • Mage: Preferring to use their extensive knowledge of all things magical, they wield a might more powerful than the sharpest blade.
  • Monk: Quick and cunning with the empty hand, they are strong in spirit. They prefer to solve conflict by arrow or by fist.
  • Nightblade: Spell and shadow are their friends. By darkness they move with haste, casting magic to benefit their circumstances.
  • Pilgrim: Hearty folk, well-versed in the tomes of old. They profit in life by bartering in the market, or by persuading the weak-minded.
  • Rogue: They use speed in combat rather than brute force. Persuasive in conversation, their tongues are as sharp as blades.
  • Scout: Preferring the rolling countryside to the city life, the forests rather than busy highways, they are gifted with the ability to evade, guard and protect themselves with great proficiency.
  • Sorcerer: Besting the most well-equipped fighters, they rely on the spells of the mystic arts. Unique to these mages is the bodily stamina to be armed with the thickest armor.
  • Spellsword: More nimble and athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, their attacks are unpredictable. Students of combat and magic.
  • Thief: Profiting from the losses of others is their love. Able to be swift in shadow, and crafty in bartering. Locks are enemies, and lock-picks are their swords.
  • Warrior: Unafraid of light weaponry, they plow into the fray with little regard for injury. Masters of all melee tools, they put little faith in the magical arts.
  • Witchhunter: Swift on foot and clever with spells, they use distance as their ally. Slower adversaries are fodder for their arrows.

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