Daedric Weapons

Daedric 2 Handed Axe, Shortsword, Bow, Arrows (Below the Table) Claymore, Longsword, Mace, One Handed Axe and Warhammer

Daedric weapons constitute the finest class of weapon in the game. Daedric weapons begin appearing randomly in the game and on opponents after level 20. Daedric weapons are one of two non-enchanted types of weapons (other is silver) that can damage spirits (Ghosts, Wraiths etc.).

Weapon Weapon Type Base Value Weight Max. Damage Health Speed Reach
Daedric Arrow Arrow 35 GoldIcon 0.3 WeightIcon 15 DamageIcon N/A Health-icon N/A N/A
Daedric Battle Axe Blunt, two-hand 3800 GoldIcon 76 WeightIcon 26 DamageIcon 728 Health-icon 0.8 1.2
Daedric Bow Bow 3200 GoldIcon 22 WeightIcon 20 DamageIcon 560 Health-icon N/A N/A
Daedric Claymore Blade, two-hand 4000 GoldIcon 62 WeightIcon 26 DamageIcon 728 Health-icon 0.8 1.3
Daedric Dagger Blade, one-hand 2700 GoldIcon 10 WeightIcon 19 DamageIcon 532 Health-icon 1.4 0.6
Daedric Longsword Blade, one-hand 3100 GoldIcon 48 WeightIcon 24 DamageIcon 672 Health-icon 1.0 1.0
Daedric Mace Blunt, one-hand 3200 GoldIcon 43 WeightIcon 24 DamageIcon 672 Health-icon 0.9 1
Daedric Shortsword Blade, one-hand 2900 GoldIcon 22 WeightIcon 21 DamageIcon 588 Health-icon 1.2 0.8
Daedric War Axe Blunt, one-hand 3100 GoldIcon 40 WeightIcon 22 DamageIcon 616 Health-icon 1.1 0.8
Daedric Warhammer Blunt, two-hand 5000 GoldIcon 93 WeightIcon


784 Health-icon 0.7 1.3


  • "Base Value" refers to the actual value without mercantile or disposition affecting it.
  • "Max. Damage" refers to the maximum amount of damage an item can do, assuming maximum stats and skill.
  • "Health" refers to a weapon's durability, "speed" refers to a weapon's attack speed, and "reach" refers to how close an opponent must be in order to be struck with a weapon.


For many thousands of years, the exact way to produce Daedric equipment had remained a mystery to many people. It is wonderfully powerful and strong, and has an amazing potential for enchantments. Many believed them to originate only in the realm of Oblivion itself. Whoever discovered the process of forging Daedric equipment will remain a mystery, but the process itself will not. Daedric armor and weapons are created from Ebony, the supernaturally strong metal that is mined almost exclusively from the volcanic island of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. After the forging process, a conjurer then summons a lesser Daedra and binds its soul into the object. For the rest of eternity, this malevolent being is trapped within the cool metal, and those who wield such armaments swear they can sometimes hear their tormented moans.

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