Main Quest

Deliver the Amulet
Find the Heir
Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Weynon Priory
Path of Dawn
Dagon Shrine
Blood of the Daedra
Bruma Gate
Allies for Bruma
Sancre Tor
Defense of Bruma
Great Gate
Light the Dragonfires
Imperial Dragon Armor


  • Quest Giver: Martin


With three out of four of the items, Martin informs you of a very bold plan to obtain the final item required to open the gate to Mankar Camoran's Paradise - a Great Sigil Stone obtained from a Great Oblivion Gate. His plan involves risking the city of Bruma itself to allow Dagon to open three lesser gates in order to then open a Great Gate and bring out a great siege engine to destroy the city like they did at Kvatch.


You will need to inform the Countess Carvain of this daring plan, and prepare for battle at the Temple of Talos. The Countess is located at Castle Bruma. The Countess accepts the plan, and she will order her guards to prepare for battle.

Follow Martin and his small army out to an area just east of the city. There Martin will make a rallying speech before the battle. Smaller gates open. You will need to defend Martin until the Great Gate opens. If you did the Allies for Bruma quest, you should have additional good-quality soldiers to keep Martin safe from three increasingly-larger waves of Daedra from the lesser gates and then the Great Gate itself. You also get some of the Bruma Guard. Bring as many followers as you can, even if they are weak, as they can still distract enemies, and a spell, arrow or blow taken by a follower is one that Martin isn't taking. As soon as the Great Gate opens, run to it and enter through it. Martin and the army will have to manage without you from now on. Be sure to go through as quickly as possible, as once you go through Martin cannot die (provided you complete the next section of the quest in time).

Be sure to stock up with a lot of healing potions (depending on how good your potions are),repair hammers and arrows before entering this battle. You won't have a second chance later, and the follow-up timed quest inside the Great Gate itself doesn't allow for much margin of error.


  • This is one of the only times that Jauffre, Grandmaster of the Blades, can die.The other time is when coming back from Kvatch with Martin. If he isn't killed by an enemy, the player may kill him. However killing him creates a bounty on the player for murder. Also, killing him will make Martin have a different opinion of the player.
  • Be sure that Martin goes through the city gate before you do, or he won't be at the battlefield, and the gates won't open.
  • If you triggered the glitch in the Miscarcand quest Martin will walk out to the battlefield wearing his robe instead of his armor, this can make keeping him alive during the battle extremely difficult as by this time he has lost his essential flag meaning he will die instead of going unconcious. If Martin is wearing his robe, bring up the console select him and type
  • additem 1FECE 1
  • additem 3ABB9 1
  • additem 1FED0 1
  • additem 1FED1 1
  • additem 1FED2 1

Needless to say, this only works on the PC Version. It is also possible to reverse pickpocket permanent Bound Armor and Weapons into Martin's inventory. This is the most appropriate 'fix' if you do not wish to reload a previous save.

If you fail to grab the Sigil Stone before the 15 miniutes is up, you will get a message saying Martin was killed and it will act as if you were killed. (it will make you reload a previous save file).

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