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Derelict Mine location

Derelict Mine is a large silver mine located northeast of Skingrad, on the Gold Road to Imperial City. It contains goblins, chests and barrels, and some Silver Veins.

Rooms Edit

  • Derelict Mine (first level)
The first one is the area when you first enter the mine. The second area is after going through the mine's tunnels.There is also a babys bones in the alcove in the wall if you keep going forward once you enter the mine(the room with 4 skulls on the spears and a chest)....very wierd since there isnt any babys in the game.  
  • Derelict Mine (second level)
In the deepest room, you'll be able to see many goblins from each clan fighting each other. You can wait and let them kill each other, or jump in the fray.
  • Derelict Mine Tunnels
A staple of caves, Wisp Stalks and Cairn Bolete are found inside. You can also acquire Silver Nuggets from the Silver Veins and a Goblin Totem Staff dropped from one of the war chiefs


There is a Goblin War going on in the cave.

  • Sharp Tooth Goblins (Sharp Tooth Goblin Berserker, Sharp Tooth Goblin Chef, Sharp Tooth Goblin Shaman, Sharp Tooth Goblin Skirmisher, Sharp Tooth Goblin Warlord)
  • White Skin Goblins (White Skin Goblin Berserker, White Skin Goblin Skirmisher, White Skin Goblin Warlord)