Diseases cause some negative effects to your character, usually by lowering attributes or skills. You are continually diseased until you are healed at a chapel altar or cure yourself with a Cure Disease spell or a Potion of Cure Disease. Diseases are contracted when fighting specifc creatures and sometimes beggars and even zombies that you summon your self if you get into a fight.

Mandrake Roots are recommended as the portable disease cure for adventurers - they are much cheaper than Potions of Cure Disease, weigh less, and raise your Alchemy skill on the side. They can be found in most shops carrying Alchemy ingredients.

It should be taken into account that although a character may have 100+ disease resistance from equipment / potions (figure when viewed on the 'Active Effects' interface) this does not absolve them of contracting a disease. If fighting a swarm of rats for a sustained period of time (example) then diseases such as Feeble Limb can still appear.


Related IngredientsEdit

Unless the ingredient has either "Cure Disease" or "Resist Disease" as its first effect, the ingredients must be combined with related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion with the effect.

Ingredients that can cure diseaseEdit

Ingredients that can resist diseaseEdit