A good dog.

Dogs are animals which can be either aggressive or passive depending on their owner. They can often be found with bandits or marauders in the wild. They will howl if they find a dead body. They're not the biggest threat to a traveller as they have no resistances, yet also have no weaknesses. They also don't drop any kind of significant loot. They will normally bark if any intruders enter the house they live in and in the cases of Luna and Daisy they will attack anyone who has their sword drawn. Occasionally, a hostile dog can be found in the Imperial City Sewers.

General statsEdit

Drops Edit

  • Minor Loot


  • No particular Strengths


  • Not as fast as other animals (Speed 13)

Damage typesEdit

Soul levelEdit

  • Petty (150)

Dogs in CyrodiilEdit

Other Edit

  • There is also a dog called Clancy that does not appear in the game. This dog was most likely planned to be part of the Fighter's Guild Cheydinhal Branch like Mojo is to Anvil's Fighters Guild Branch

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