Dwarven Armor

Full body dwarven armor (no shield) with a dwarven bow

The secrets of Dwemer armorcraft are long-forgotten. Dwemer pieces encountered throughout the land are thousands of years old, scavenged from abandoned Dwarf Mechanitions sometimes found in ancient Dwemer ruins. Dwemer armor is heavy and cumbersome, but Dwemer craftsmanship and metallurgy are top tier quality in comparison to any modern metal armor style. Enthusiasts pay fabulous prices for individual pieces, and the few complete sets are in the hands of collectors. But there may be one more for you when you reach level six.

Armor Piece Base Value Weight Max. Armor
Dwarven Helmet 112 GoldIcon 10 WeightIcon 7ArmorIcon
Dwarven Cuirass 400 GoldIcon 40 WeightIcon 15 ArmorIcon
Dwarven Gauntlets 112GoldIcon 8 WeightIcon 7 ArmorIcon
Dwarven Greaves 180 GoldIcon 24 WeightIcon 11 ArmorIcon
Dwarven Boots 112 GoldIcon 12 WeightIcon 7 ArmorIcon
Dwarven Shield 210 GoldIcon 16 WeightIcon 16 ArmorIcon

Notes: "Base Value" refers to the actual value without mercantile or disposition affecting it. "Max. Armor" refers to the maximum amount of armor the piece can provide, assuming maximum stats and skill.

Note the Difference between Morrowind Dwarven (Dwemer) armor

Dwemer armor

Dwarven Armor on Morrowind (Dwemer Armor)