Elven Armor

A Khajiit in full elven armor and wielding an elven mace

Elven armor is an elegant armor made by the high elves of the Summerset Isle. The armor is light but durable, and is known for its unique style and maneuverability. It begins to show up as loot and off of enemy bodies when you reach level fifteen, though small pieces such as shields and weapons have been known to turn up far before this.

Armor Piece Base Value Weight Max. Armor
Elven Helmet 170 GoldIcon 2 WeightIcon 5 ArmorIcon
Elven Cuirass 600 GoldIcon 13 WeightIcon 13 ArmorIcon
Elven Gauntlets 170 GoldIcon 2 WeightIcon 5ArmorIcon
Elven Greaves 315 GoldIcon 7 WeightIcon 9 ArmorIcon
Elven Boots 170 GoldIcon 3 WeightIcon 5 ArmorIcon
Elven Shield 315 GoldIcon 5 WeightIcon 14 ArmorIcon

Notes: "Base Value" refers to the actual value without mercantile or disposition affecting it. "Max. Armor" refers to the maximum amount of armor the piece can provide, assuming maximum stats and skill.


  • An elven cuirass is required to complete the master trainer quest for light armor. You must deliver one to a Khajiit named J'bari, and in return he will train your light armor skill for a fee.
  • Dark guardians (can be found in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary or in Fort Farragut) have been known to carry shields and various weapons of this type around level 12 and if you are lucky level 10.
  • You can get all but the helm during the Fighters Guild Quest Azani Blackheart (even at level 1).