Faregyl Inn
Faregyl Inn
Location: Green Road
Merchant: Abhuki
Gold Limit: 50 GoldIcon
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Faregyl Inn is directly south from Imperial City Waterfront or northwest from Bravil on the Green Road. The layout is much like Wawnet Inn or many others with three rooms upstairs and a bedroom connected to the taproom. From the front door, a Wayshrine of Zenithar can be seen south of the inn.

The Journeyman Alteration trainer Abhuki is here selling some food and a limited drink selection. Master Blade trainer Alix Lencolia and quest-giver S'jirra are located here.

There is virtually no plant-life suitable for Alchemy near the Inn with only a handful of Monkshood plants near the Wayshrine deserving any notice.

Also, at level 20 and higher random adventurers appear wearing very high level armour. One example is a khajiit female who wears full daedric armour.

Quest Edit

These quests involve involve or start at the Faregyl Inn.

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