Feather is an Alteration spell effect temporarily raises the user's maximum encumbrance. The magnitude is the extra units of weight the target can carry.

Effects Edit

  • Feather

Spell List Edit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Cost Mastery
AlterationFeatherEase Burden Feather 50 240 Self 0 35 Apprentice
AlterationFeatherLighten Load Feather 75 300 Self 0 75 Journeyman
AlterationFeatherPack Mule Feather 150 300 Self 0 183 Expert
AlterationFeatherBeast of Burden Feather 250 360 Self 0 422 Master

Ingredients that can cause FeatherEdit

Unless the ingredient has Feather as its first effect, the ingredient must be combined with other related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion that has the Feather effect.

Gameplay Notes Edit

  • When enchanting armor with feather at an Altar of Enchanting it's better to enchant the piece of armor with Fortify Attribute (Strength 10pts). The reason for this is the maximum constant feather effect you can achieve yourself at an altar is 50 points, that's the same carrying weight you gain with +10 strength (which also increases your fatigue, and melee damage).
  • Sigil Stones may provide better feather scores, reducing the importance of strength over feather.
  • Feather may also act against the weight of your armor and equipped weapon, possible allowing you to travel faster

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