Finger of the Mountain is an offensive spell that can be acquired through the Chorrol Recommendation quest.

Finger of the Mountain deals Shock damage on target. The spell's damage and radius is dependant on the player level when acquired.

How to AcquireEdit

Acquiring Finger of the Mountain requires a character to first gain Earana's notes from the quest (see Chorrol Recommendation). The player must acquire a Welkynd Stone and a spell that deals Shock damage. Then the player must travel to Cloud Top. Located at Cloud Top is an ornate shattered Ayleid pillar next to the charred corpse from which the player previously acquired the Fingers of the Mountain book. Attacking the pillar will consume the Welkynd stone and cause four lightning bolts to spring from the ruins to strike the pillar, creating a massive Shock blast in a decent radius around it. This will do approximately 70-120 lightning damage to anyone standing close. If the player survives, they will now possess the Finger of the Mountain spell.

It is recommended that one use a defensive buff of some sort to endure the damage successfully if still low level. Alternatively, one can activate the ruin from a distance with a ranged Shock spell and simply stand outside the blast radius.

It might be hard to trigger the stone with a touch based shock spell. In that case just buy a scroll of shock that can be used from afar.

Spell StatisticsEdit

Finger of the Mountain requires a Destruction skill relative to your level. It is a ranged Shock spell with variable damage and radius, depending on your level. It is also quite reliable as a standard attack spell for quite some time later. Higher levels of the spell may cost too much for most characters to cast through normal means. It is less tactically useful for those who use Conjuration as well, however, due to the lack of Shock-resistant summons in the early-to-middle game.


These are the stats for the spell at skill levels:

Level Obtained: 1-4

Skill Level: Novice

Magicka Cost: 11

Effect: Shock Damage (6) 5 ft on Target

Level Obtained: 5-9

Skill Level: Journeyman

Magicka Cost: 75

Effect: Shock Damage (20) 5 ft on Target

Level Obtained: 10-14

Skill Level: Expert

Magicka Cost: 211

Effect: Shock Damage (40) 5 ft on Target

Level Obtained:15-19

Skill Level: Master

Magicka Cost: 715

Effect: Shock Damage (90) 5 ft on Target

Level Obtained:20-25

Skill Level: Master

Magicka Cost: 1386

Effect: Shock Damage 140pts in 5ft on Target

Level Obtained:26+

Skill Level: Master

Magicka Cost: 3551

Effect: Shock Damage 200pts in 10ft on Target

NB This spell is leveled, and the amount of magicka cost is ridiculous at higher levels. It is more expensive than the equivalent cost at the spellmaker altar. See here boss

Note: While a similar spell can be made at the spell making altar, the firepower offered by the actual spell is significantly higher than what the player can make without Moding.

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