Flame Atronachs resemble a humanoid female in body structure though covered in flame. They prefer to cast fire bolts from a distance but are capable hand to hand combatants as well (though they have fairly weak melee attacks, they have fast hands). They are easily dispatched with ice magic and only pose a significant threat in groups. Summoned Flame Atronauchs tend to prefer to keep their range but are more willing to fight hand to hand than some other summons e.g. Lichs.

General statsEdit




Weakness to frost

Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Fire

Soul levelEdit

  • Common (800)



  • Can be summoned as a ally/minion using the journeyman-level Conjuration spell, Summon Flame Atronach. They can also be summoned from the Atronach Altar in Frostcrag Spire for three Fire Salts.
    • Summoned Flame Atronachs do not drop Fire Salts (as summoned monsters leave no corpse). However, they can be soultrapped.

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