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Fort Farragut


Fort Farragut is an ancient fort just east of Cheydinhal. Dark Brotherhood Speaker, Lucien Lachance, resides here. A Human Heart can be found on the alchemy table in the living area, and in the coffin along with the bones and nightshade. To the right of the table, containing a novice mortar & pestle, alembic and retort, 10 Poisoned Apples can be located in a hard locked barrel. These reappear every time you enter the fort. There is also a secret entrance to the living area in a hollowed out tree near the rear of the fort. On the South east outer edge of the upper level, there hides some random gold pieces, along with an enchanted ring. There is a bed to sleep in and 5 unlocked containers. (unknown if safe)

Rooms Edit

Fort Farragut Map

Mark B leads into Lachance's chambers.

  • Fort Farragut

Enemies Edit

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