Fort Grief
Basic Info
Type: Fort Ruin
Part of: Niben Bay
Nearby Locations
Nenalata, Cadlew Chapel
Fort Grief is a ruined fort located on an island in the middle of Niben Bay in southern Cyrodiil. It serves as a human hunting ground for Kurdan gro-Dragol and plays a large role in the quest Caught in the Hunt. When at the entrance of the fort, there is a lever to the right, activate it to open the caged doors.

Rooms Edit

The Hunter's Run

  • After you cross the bridge, you head up the stairs and turn left. There are 3 traps in a row here: a hole-in-the-floor with spikes at the bottom, darts, and a trip rope that triggers poison gas.

The Hunter's Abyss

  • Requires keys from the first two hunters to access.
  • Has more traps, specifically darts and poison gas.
  • Loops back to The Hunter’s Run, dumping you out over the bridge.

Enemies Edit

  • Rat
  • Kurdan's Imperial Hunter
  • Kurdan's Nord Hunter
  • Kurdan's Orc Hunter

Notes Edit

  • You cannot fast travel from the island while you are on it. You can fast travel to it, but not from. However, to do so, you can simply swim out a few feet into the water and fast travel from there.

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