Image of female in full glass armor, with glass shield and dagger

Glass armor is the strongest form of light armor in Tamriel. The Dunmer are the masters of light armor design, and glass armor is the pinnacle of that design. Inspired by traditional High Elven ornate armors, this very expensive armor is studded with native volcanic obsidian glass. Remarkably light and flexible, glass armor absorbs and distributes shock better than steel while providing enough flexibility to grant the wearer a superior range of movement.

Like all the better armor in the game you must be a certain level for the armor to appear on NPC's and in chests. Glass armor has a level requirement of 20. This only goes for armor however, glass weapons appear much earlier.

The unique volcanic properties of glass armor creates a greenish glow at night. Daedric armor also glows red at night. The Dunmer race was famous for the making of glass equipment such as weapons and armor, however other races in Tamriel have been known to create the same just not as perfect as the Dunmer.

Armor Piece Base Value Weight Max. Armor
Glass Helmet (Fin Gleam) 500 GoldIcon 3 WeightIcon 5 ArmorIcon
Glass Cuirass 1800 GoldIcon 15 WeightIcon 12 ArmorIcon
Glass Gauntlets 500 GoldIcon 3 WeightIcon 5 ArmorIcon
Glass Greaves 1000 GoldIcon 9 WeightIcon 7 ArmorIcon
Glass Boots 500 GoldIcon 4 WeightIcon 5 ArmorIcon
Glass Shield 1000 GoldIcon 6 WeightIcon 15 ArmorIcon

Notes: "Base Value" refers to the actual value without mercantile or disposition affecting it. "Max. Armor" refers to the maximum amount of armor the piece can provide, assuming maximum stats and skill.

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