Glow Dust
[[Image:Glow Dust 2|200px|center]]
Harvest chance: {{{harvest}}} %
Value: 40 GoldIcon
Weight: 0.01 WeightIcon
Alchemical effects
Restore Speed
Reflect Damage
Damage Health

Glow Dust is an alchemical ingredient and can be obtained after searching a dead Will-o-the-Wisp, or it can be purchased from various alchemy stores.


Value: 40GoldIcon
Weight: 0.1WeightIcon

Source: Will-o-the-Wisp
Glow Dust 2

Item ID: 0001EBE8

Alchemy Effects:Edit

1 Restore Speed
2 Light
3 Reflect Spell
4 Damage Health


1. The Imperial City Market District.

The Main Ingredient. Speak to Ogier Georick to purchase the item.
The Mystic Emporium. Speak to Calindil. (Your Mercantile skill must be level 50 or higher.)
The Gilded Carafe. Speak to Claudette Perrick.

2. The Bruma Mages Guild Living Quarters. (Can no longer be obtained after the quest, A Plot Revealed.)

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