Harcane Grove is a landmark located northwest of Bravil, off of the Green Road. This dangerous location is related to the quest given at Hircine's Shrine.

Template:Spoiler The grove is the location of the fabled unicorn. It is guarded by three Minotaur of the Grove. It is best to avoid killing anything nearby, as fighting will also cause the unicorn to fight you, preventing you from mounting it. If you must kill the minotaurs, or any other nearby enemies, try to draw them away from the unicorn before killing them.

To find it, follow the road northwest from Bravil until you get to Robber's Glen Cave. From there, more north-northwest and you'll reach the Grove. If you reach Mingo Cave, you've gone too far east. It is also almost directly east from the Inn of Ill Omen.

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