This quest allows you to obtain a maid named Eyja. Eyja works for Gunder, the owner of Colovian Trader's shop in Skingrad. Talk to her and she will say "For 150 gold and a roof over my head I'm all yours". Accept this, as long as you have 150 gold, and she will move in immediately.


Ask "Eyja" and she will tell you about her life. If you have installed Kitchen Furnishings, Eyja can do two things. Ask for "Food" and she will bring you a Shepherd's Pie, which has the effects of Dispel, Fortify Agility, Cure Disease, and Shield. Ask for "Drink" and she will bring a bottle of Rosethorn Mead, which has the effects of Fortify Endurance, Fortify Strength, Drain Intelligence, and Drain Willpower.

Journal EntryEdit

Upon hiring Eyja:

I've hired a pleasant Nord woman named Eyja to staff my home as a maid at Rosethorn Hall. She said she'd take residence in the Servant's Quarters.

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