Hermaeus Mora's Shrine
Hermaeus MoraShrine
Hermaeus Mora
High in northwestern Jerall Mountains, west of Cloud Ruler Temple
Offering: Completion of all 14 other Daedric quests.
Completion of Blood of the Daedra
Req. Level: 21

Oghma Infinium

Located high in the Jerall Mountains, at the northern edge of the province is Hermaeus Mora's Shrine. North of Sancre Tor, the shrine is most easily accessed through the mountain trail from Chorrol to Bruma. When near the shrine a number of stone staircases will begin appearing. The shrine is attended by Norasa Adus and Bruscius Longus. The shrine's priest and quest-giver is Ri'Jirr. Four wormwood plants are located at or near the shrine. No other plants are present. Unlike most Daedra who are represented as a person, or a beast, Hermaeus Mora appears as a globular crab-plant thing, this may be Hermaeus Mora's true form or one he chose for some unknown reason to signify logic.

Overview Edit

Prerequisites: Minimum level of 20, completion of all other daedric quests, and at least Blood of the Daedra stage of the main quest
Reward: Oghma Infinium

Background Edit

The Shrine of Hermaeus Mora is located in the northwest most point of the Jerall Mountain range, directly west of Cloud Ruler Temple. In order to obtain this quest, you must have completed all of the 14 other daedric quests. In addition, you must have advanced to the Blood of the Daedra segment of the main quest and be level 20+. The quest involves capturing souls from each of the ten races using a special soul gem and spell given by Hermaneus Mora. A good idea is to keep Umbra instead of returning it and carry alot of soul gems

Walkthrough Edit

You must use a special given Black Soul Gem and special Soul Trap spell called Mora's soul trap provided by Hermaeus Mora to capture an NPCs soul. The following is a list of suggested NPCs for each race:

Alternate walkthrough Edit

If you have not yet started the arena quest line you can go to the arena and become a combatant. During the fights in the arena every race will appear at least once. You can simply capture every fighter's soul during the fights.

Tips Edit

If you have problems recognizing the races of the NPCs and you are on the PC, use the console to help determine the race. See Race#Recognizing races for more information.

The reward is the amazing daedric artifact Oghma Infinium, a book that increases several skills by ten levels.

Easy way: You can just go to previous shrines and get the souls from them. They won't care if you kill one person at the shrine. But if there is an imperial forester nearby, you can get a bounty for this.

Journal Entries Edit

After you complete all the daedric quests:

A man has told me that Hermaeus Mora wishes for me to visit his shrine.

After speaking to Hermaeus Mora:

Hermaeus Mora wishes for me to gather for him ten souls, one of each of the races.

After capturing an Argonian:

I've captured the soul of an Argonian.

After capturing a Breton:

I've captured the soul of a Breton.

After capturing a Bosmer:

I've captured the soul of a Bosmer.

After capturing an Imperial:

I've captured the soul of an Imperial.

After capturing a Khajiit:

I've captured the soul of a Khajiit.

After capturing a Dunmer:

I've captured the soul of a Dunmer.

After capturing an Altmer:

I've captured the soul of an Altmer.

After capturing a Nord:

I've captured the soul of a Nord.

After capturing a Redguard:

I've captured the soul of a Redguard.

After capturing an Orc:

I've captured the soul of an Orc.

After capturing a soul from each race:

I have gathered a soul from each of the ten races for Hermaeus Mora. I should return to his shrine.

After returning to Hermaeus:

Hermaeus Mora was pleased with the souls I brought him. He has rewarded me with the Oghma Infinium.

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