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Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Arquen
Reward: Assorted treasure, improved Blade of Woe, and advance to Listener rank


After Lucien's death by the Black Hand, Arquen suggests that you and the remaining members meet with the Night Mother to discuss the next steps for the Dark Brotherhood. You are to speak with Arquen between 12 am and 3 am in Applewatch.


It might be a good idea to either drop off your extra items at a safe location before speaking to Arquen, or making sure you have a powerful Feather spell on hand, as there will be several items worth taking, and once you leave the Night Mother's crypt, you will never return. Still, keep your weapons and armor at ready.

When you talk to Arquen at the designated time (between 12:00AM to 3:00AM) in Applewatch, you will be teleported to the statue of the Lucky Lady in Bravil. Arquen performs the ritual to open the door to Crypt of The Night Mother. When she and the other Black Hand members have gone down, follow them through the door. Although it is not necessary, it might be a good idea to 'use' the statue to benefit from its buff.

Once you enter the crypt, Arquen will begin speaking to her. You'll discover that Mathieu Bellamont is the traitor, who will then pull a dagger and kill two of the other Speakers (Banus Alor and Belisarius Arius) before turning on the Night Mother. Arquen yells for you to save Night Mother (but don't worry, she can't die, unlike yourself) and you must defeat the traitor. The traitor Mathieu Bellamont isn't that hard to defeat, as he is not dependent on your level. He carries a Dagger of Numbing so makes sure to kill him quick. And for players that are at a lower level, you might want to use poison.

Once the traitor lies dead, the Night Mother says that she knew all along of Mathieu's plot since he was a boy. She could have stopped him anytime, but allowed him to keep pursuing, so that the Dark Brotherhood may learn a lesson from being so blind at the growing threat. The Night Mother tells you to help yourself to any treasure in the room. Save at this point so if you find mediocre loot you can load back. She also warns you to take everything you can, because you will not be allowed back in the chamber. There are three small coffin shaped containers made of stone and reagents on the Night Mother's altar, as well as the weapons and robes of the traitor and the two dead Black Hand members. Take them all, and tell the Night Mother when you are ready to leave. She will also make you Listener of the Dark Brotherhood and upgrade your original Blade of Woe.

The items that you can possibly get are random as well as dependant on your level.

When you talk to the Night Mother she will teleport you back to the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. At this point you will no longer be taking contracts for the Dark Brotherhood, but instead you will be able to speak with the Night Mother once per week to get orders of assassination for Arquen. You will also get 200 gold per week for your trouble.

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

I should play along for now, until I figure out who the traitor is. I'm sure Arquen will give me further instruction.

After speaking to Arquen:

Arquen has informed me that she will recite an incantation that will allow the Black Hand an audience with the Night Mother. Arquen also realizes this is all very new to me, and told me I'd be fine as long as I just followed along.

After the ceremony:

The incantation has revealed the hidden door to the Night Mother's crypt! I must follow the other members of the Black Hand down into the crypt. Once we're down there, the traitor will surely try to destroy the Night Mother. I must stop the traitor at all costs!

After killing the traitor:

The traitor, Mathieu Bellamont, is dead, and the crisis that has plagued the Dark Brotherhood is now over. The Night Mother still needs to name a new Listener. I should wait and hear what she has to say...

After the Night Mother speaks:

The Night Mother has named me Listener of the Black Hand! It would appear my days of killing for the Dark Brotherhood have come to an end. When I'm ready, I should speak to the Night Mother again and she will use her power to teleport me to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary.

After speaking with the Night Mother:

Arquen and I have been teleported to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. I should speak now with Arquen, who will serve as my servant and guide in the days to come.

After speaking with Arquen:

I have spoken with Arquen and she has offered her guidance.

Previous Quest: Following a Lead Epilogue Quest: Whispers of Death

Notes: Edit

There are the skeletons of five children in the room despite there being no living children in-game

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