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Imperial City Waterfront
Basic Info
Type: City
Part of: Imperial City
Nearby Locations
This area is part of the Imperial City
Dzonot Cave is to the north
The Arcane University is to the east
Old Bridge is to the south
Fanacasecul is to the west
Fort Virtue is to the west
This article refers to the Imperial City Waterfront city section, see also the Waterfront region.

The Imperial City Waterfront is the southwestern district of Imperial City. It's located on the City Isle near the Waterfront region.

The Waterfront is home to beggars, Pirates and thieves; basically the rougher elements of Imperial City society.

It is the main base of operations for the Thieves Guild in the Imperial City.

Shops, Inns, and Guilds Edit

The Bloated Float tavern is a stationary boat in the harbor that activates a quest when stayed over night at. Also, the Thieves' Guild has regular meetings every night at the small region known as the Garden Of Dareloth. It is the site where the first Thieves' Guild quest is given.

Other Points of Interest Edit

The Imperial City Waterfront is the home of some of the poorer residents of the Imperial City. The shacks these people live in compared to the polished stone of the city proper is a great indicator in the disparity of wealth and perhaps a reason for the Thieves Guild activity in the area.

Residents Edit

You can buy a modest house in the Waterfront area from Vinicia Melessaeia at the Office of Imperial Commerce in the Imperial City Market District.


The small shacks behind.

Quests Edit

Thieves Guild Edit

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