Main Quest

Deliver the Amulet
Find the Heir
Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Weynon Priory
Path of Dawn
Dagon Shrine
Blood of the Daedra
Bruma Gate
Allies for Bruma
Sancre Tor
Defense of Bruma
Great Gate
Light the Dragonfires
Imperial Dragon Armor


Quest Giver: Chancellor Ocato in Imperial City
Reward: Imperial Dragon Armor (armor)

  • The game uses your best skill (light armor vs. heavy armor) to decide which version to give you, with a tie choosing Heavy. In the two weeks you can level up either skill and it will make a difference. When it gets there though, it is set as your highest skill.


At the conclusion of the fight with Mehrunes Dagon, Martin Septim will disappear and the throne of the Emperor lies empty, again. The Chancellor will speak to you and will give you the rank of Champion of Cyrodiil (Order of the Dragon).


Chancellor Ocato will order you Imperial Dragon Armor which will arrive in two weeks at the Imperial Legion's Armory in the Imperial Prison District. You may want to either wait it out, travel around Cyrodiil or do some quests in the meanwhile; Kvatch may even still have Daedra that need purging from this world. It helps to count out how many days have been by as it is not easy to tell when 2 weeks is up.

The armor is enchanted, with resistances to fire, shock, poison, frost, and magic.

Journal EntriesEdit

Once Mehrunes Dagon is defeated and you talk to Chancellor Ocato:

Chancellor Ocato has ordered a suit of Imperial Dragon armor forged for me in gratitude for the services I rendered to the Empire during the Oblivion Crisis. It will be waiting for me at the armory in the Imperial Legion Compound in two weeks.

Once the armor is ready after two in-game weeks:

The Imperial Dragon armor ordered for me by Chancellor Ocato should be ready. I can pick it up from the armory in the Imperial Legion Compound.

Once you've picked up the armor:

I received the Imperial Dragon armor that Chancellor Ocato had forged for me.

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