Template:Cleanup The Imperial Prison Sewer is located on the northeast corner of the City Isle. Vilverin is clearly visible across the water from the outside entrance. Inside it is a short section of tunnelwork.

Rooms Edit

At the beginning of the game you'll have to travel throughout this area underneath the Imperial City Prison, but once it is completed most of it will be locked off. The sewer is a network of tunnels and splits into sections. Further down the caves is a Goblin camp. In the tutorial level a section of the wall will crumble and Rats will attack, followed by a third once you've entered - Rats also drop Rat Meat which can be used in Alchemy. In this area there are a lot of items. In a chest next to the doorway there is a Rusty Iron War Axe and some gold. In a corner there is a Skeleton. If searched there are some Iron Arrows and a Rusty Iron Dagger. It will also carry two pieces of Armor - Rough Leather Boots and a Rough Leather Cuirass. Also lockpicks and a torch can be found. Alongside the Skeleton there is a sack with at least one item of little use. Next there is a Rough Leather Shield and a Rusty Iron Bow. A chest alongside that contains some gold and a sapphire. In the next corner there is a barrel containing another Rusty Iron Dagger, a club and some Iron Arrows, there are also a few lockpicks. Finally there is a small crate containing a club, more lockpicks and some torches. At the door there is a dead Goblin Shaman which has the Key for the door and two magic Scrolls - Chameleon and Flash Bolt. Also there are some lockpicks, a club and a Weak Potion of Sorcery.

Quests Edit

In the main quest you entered after you've chosen your class and Baurus gives you the key. At the end of this section, you are asked to finalize your race, class and Birthsign. You come out just northeast of the Imperial City. This area is off limits after the Tutorial quest is completed.

It can also be re-accessed during the Dark Brotherhood quest Scheduled for Execution.

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