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Faction: Fighters Guild
Prerequisites: The Stone of St. Alessia and Mystery at Harlun's Watch
Next Quests: Infiltration
Quest giver: Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol at his house
Reward: If you don't kill the prisoner during interrogation you get the Amulet of Interrogation. Otherwise, nothing.


After both Azzan and Burz gro-Khash told you they have no more contracts, you need to see Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol at his house as he has been expelled from the Fighter's Guild for getting the Guild Leader's son killed. He is still trying to bring honor to the Guild while also bringing down the Blackwood Company.

Oreyn tells you that the Blackwood Company has expanded into the region, and has a new hideout in Glademist Cave. One of the Blackwood Company leaders, Ajum-Kajin, is there. Oreyn would like you to go capture him and bring him in for questioning.

Follow the quest marker to Glademist Cave. You may want to lighten your load as The Blackwood Company is equipped with the best light and heavy armor, unlike the fighters guild iron armor. There will be almost a dozen Blackwood Company Guards that are posted in groups of two. Defeat the pairs, and continue following the quest marker to find Ajum-Kajin. Talk to him, and he will follow you back to Chorrol. He is not an essential character, but if he gets damaged he will run away quickly while casting heal on himself, and return when it's safe.

Bring him back to Chorrol. Upon speaking to Oreyn, he will tell you to interrogate him and get him to give you all the details about the Blackwood Company.

Go back to Ajum-Kajin. Tell him to sit down, and start talking to him. He will tell you that you do not scare him, and he will not tell you anything. There are two ways to get him to talk. You can torture him or persuade him (by playing the persuasion game, or by bribing him).

If you choose to torture him, unequip your weapons and start beating him with your fists (Be careful, as you can kill him). You need to get him to 60% health for him to talk the first time, then 20% the second.

If you choose to persuade him, get his disposition to 70. You will get a quest update that he is ready to divulge some information when you leave the dialogue mode. Talk to him again, and ask him how many members there are. He will tell you over a hundred. Continue the conversation, and attempt to ask him who the leader is. He will tell you that he will not betray him. Ask where the Blackwood Company gets it's strength, and he will again tell you that he won't tell you.

Continue to beat on him, or get his disposition to 90 (a charm spell helps here or you could bribe him as you're going to get your gold back anyway) until you get another quest update. Now you can ask him who the leader is. He will tell you the leader's name is Ri'Zakar. Ask him where the Blackwood Company gets its strength, and he will say he'd rather die. The conversation exits, and he bursts into flames. He had a hidden Blackwood Ring of Silence, and equipped it instead of divulging this information.

You receive a quest update to go speak to Oreyn. He says it is unfortunate that he killed himself, however you got the information that you needed.

He rewards you with the Amulet of Interrogation and the quest completes.

Journal EntriesEdit

Once you receive this quest from either Azzan or Burz after being promoted:

I have been promoted to the rank of Champion of the Fighters Guild. I'm told that Modryn Oreyn is looking for me, and I should speak with him as soon as possible.

After you have spoken with Oreyn:

I have spoken to Modryn Oreyn, who tells me that, although he has been expelled from the Fighters Guild, he will still work to restore its honor. To that end, he wants me to go to the Glademist Cave and capture a Blackwood Company leader, Ajum-Kajin.

Once you have located Ajum-Kajin:

I have found Ajum-Kajin, cowering in his Blackwood Company hideout. I must convince him to return with me.

After you get Ajum-Kajin to follow you:

Ajum-Kajin will now return with me to Modryn Oreyn's house.

After returning to Oreyn with Ajum-Kajin:

Oreyn would like me to learn some things from Ajum-Kajin: how large the Blackwood Company is; who leads the Company; and what is the source of their power. Oreyn has told me I am to use whatever means necessary to get this information.

Once Ajum-Kajin is ready to divulge the first set of information:

It appears Ajum-Kajin may be ready to give me information.

After you ask how large the Blackwood Company is:

I've learned that the Blackwood Company is over 100 strong, and growing every day. I must find out who leads them.

Once you have roughed or talked him up again:

It looks like Ajum-Kajin is ready to tell me more. I should question him.

After you learn the identity of their leader:

I've learned their leader is Ri'Zakar. I must now learn the source of their power, what gives them such courage in battle.

When you ask about the source of the Blackwood Company's power:

Ajum-Kajin seems unwilling to answer me as to the source of the Blackwood Company's power. I will have to persuade him further.

After Ajum-Kajin kills himself:

Rather than divulge the Blackwood Company's secret, Ajum-Kajin has killed himself. I should speak with Oreyn for further instruction.

If you did not kill Ajum-Kajin yourself during the Interrogation:

Though we did not get all of the answers we had hoped for, Oreyn is pleased with the information we gained.

If you killed Ajum-Kajin by damaging him too much:

Ajum-Kajin has died. I will be unable to learn any more from him. Oreyn is unhappy I took the interrogation too far.

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