An orc wearing a set of iron armor.

Iron armor is a very affordable type of heavy armor. It's also easy to get a set as almost every heavy armor salesman will have a few pieces of iron armor for sale in their humble shop. Iron armor is also the armor set given to cadets or new recruits of the Fighters Guild. It is availiable at the game's beginning. There is also a varient called Rusty Iron.

Armor Piece Base Value Weight Max. Armor
Iron Helmet 75GoldIcon 6 WeightIcon 5ArmorIcon
Iron Cuirass 150 GoldIcon 30 WeightIcon 9 ArmorIcon
Iron Gauntlets 75GoldIcon 6 WeightIcon 4 ArmorIcon
Iron Greaves 100 GoldIcon 18 WeightIcon 6ArmorIcon
Iron Boots 75 GoldIcon 9 WeightIcon 4 ArmorIcon
Iron Shield 200 GoldIcon 12 WeightIcon 14ArmorIcon

Notes: "Base Value" refers to the actual value without mercantile or disposition affecting it. "Max. Armor" refers to the maximum amount of armor the piece can provide, assuming maximum stats and skill.