Mages Guild Quests
Join the Mages Guild
Anvil Recommendation
Bravil Recommendation
Bruma Recommendation
Cheydinhal Recommendation
Chorrol Recommendation
Leyawiin Recommendation
Skingrad Recommendation
The recommendation quests can be done in any order.
Raminus Polus Quests
A Mage's Staff
Ulterior Motives
Vahtacen's Secret
Necromancer's Moon
Alchemy Acquisitions
Hannibal Traven Quests
Liberation or Apprehension?
Information at a Price
A Plot Revealed
The Bloodworm Helm and
the Necromancer's Amulet
Confront the King


Faction: Mages Guild
Quest giver: Any guild hall leader of the Mages Guild
Reward: Acceptance into the Mages Guild and Robe of the Apprentice

Background InformationEdit

To join the Mages Guild, you must not have any bounties on your head. You can speak to one of these guild hall leaders in each Mages Guild hall:


To become an apprentice of the Mage's Guild, and to enter the Arcane University, the player must receive recommendations from all of the guild hall leaders in the major cities.

Recommendation QuestsEdit

Once you receive all the recommendations, head to the Arcane University in Imperial City and speak to Raminus Polus. He will also give you a Robe of the Apprentice, which increases Willpower, the amount depending on your level upon first getting it.

Journal EntriesEdit

After speaking to one of the guild heads about joining:

I have spoken with {guild head name} in {city}. She has told me that in order to join the Mages Guild, I must not be a wanted criminal.

After accepting to join:

I have joined the Mages Guild. I must acquire recommendations from all of the local Guild Hall leaders in order to gain access to the Arcane University.

Once you've received all recommendations:

I have received recommendations form all of the local guild halls in Cyrodiil. I must now travel to the Arcane University, and speak with Raminus Polus.

Once you've spoken to Raminus:

I have been given a recommendation from each ranking member in the local guild halls, and have been given access to the Arcane University.

Previous Quest: None Next Quest: A Mage's Staff

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