Template:TOCright Prerequisites: Finishing the Mazoga the Orc quest
Faction: None (Earn the right to be a Knight-Errant in the Knights of the White Stallion after completion of quest)
Quest giver: Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin, in Castle Leyawiin
Reward: The key to White Stallion Lodge outside of town, status as a Knight-Errant of the Knights of the White Stallion, a Leyawiin Shield (45/3/4), and 100GoldIcon reward per black bow returned to the Count. Also search Black Brugo's body for a key. Then go into the room with the destroyed column. Look into each corner until you find a button, press it then go into the hall. you will notice that the door will be open. Go into that room and open the coffer with the key. You'll get 300GoldIcon and a handwritten note.

Background InformationEdit

After the Mazoga the Orc quest, this one is offered.

The Count will tell you of Black Brugo, an outlaw he wants stopped in a nearby ruins. He will suggest you talk to Mazoga about him. He will offer you a knight's title for you and Mazoga if you kill him.


Mazoga the Orc will tell you that Black Brugo will be at the ruins of Telepe and that she will follow you when you are ready. Brugo will only be there from midnight until 6 am.

Follow the map to the ruin — Black Brugo is supposed to be there after midnight. There is a bandit that will shoot arrows at you from the top of the ruin, so kill him first (It's possible that there's also a bandit hedge wizard in front of the ruin). Enter the ruin and you'll fight Black Brugo, his friends Roxy Aric and Alonzo, and several other bandits. It's a tough battle so be sure to bring healing potions (and a heal other spell for Mazoga). Brugo carries a key, which allows you to explore the rest of the ruins and loot any equipment you find. Once you've killed him, return to the Count for your reward. He will reward you with the title of Knight-Errant, and bestow you with a key to the White Stallion Lodge.

The count will offer 100 GoldIcon for each Black Bow you retrieve thereafter.


After becoming a knight, Mazoga will go on patrol to root out more Black Bow Bandits. She also won't take any of your loot. It is possible for her to die on this mission, or afterward.

The lodge has little else but two beds and a chest.

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