Lake Canulus
Basic Info
Type: Lake
Part of: Nibenay Basin
Nearby Locations
Abandoned Mine is located northeast of the lake.
Fort Cuptor is located near the southern shore.
Niben Bay and Bravil are far to the west.
Nayon Camp is near the northwestern shore.
Lost Boy Cavern is north-northwest.
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Lake Canulus is a large lake situated in eastern Cyrodiil, east of Bravil in the Nibenay Basin. The ruins of Fort Cuptor lie crumbling on the southern shore. To the northeast is the Abandoned Mine and its resident bandits. Nayon Camp is close to the northwest and to the north-northwest is Lost Boy Cavern and the necromancers inside.

The water itself is relatively free of life and there are two chests under the water with random, leveled loot.

Many Foxgloves, Green Stain Cups and Summer Boletes can be found near the lake.

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