Land Dreugh, pronounced "LAND DREG", colloquially called "Billies" for reasons unknown, are the adolescent phase of the dreugh that live in the water found in Morrowind and the Iliac Bay. They have a soul value of 'greater' (1200) and drop Dreugh Wax. If pursued by one, it is a good idea to hide in any body of water, as they cannot swim. If they do manage to go under water, they won't even attempt to swim. They will simply sink to the bottom, then walk around or climb out. Can also be found at Crayfish Streep.

General statsEdit




  • Normal

Damage TypesEdit

  • Physical
  • Magical

Soul levelEdit

  • Greater (1200)


  • Arena Land Dreugh – Can be fought in the Arena
  • Normal Land Dreugh – May be found in Blackwood


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