Prerequisites: Completion of the Separated at Birth quest
Quest giver: Guilbert Jemane
Reward: 75 GoldIcon(level-dependant)

Background InformationEdit

Guilbert Jemane wants to return to Weatherleah.

"Weatherleah was our family's home for generations. Our parents fled it when ogres attacked; they became separated. My father carried me to safety. He later returned and believed Reynald and my mother had perished. Since ogres are cannibals, he didn't expect to find their bodies. Thankfully, however, it seems that my mother managed to carry Reynald to safety. While my mother didn't survive, Reynald did, and for that I'm grateful. But we both want more - we want our home back. We're not fighters; you appear to have more skill than either of us. Would you go to Weatherleah, and see if it's still inhabited by ogres?"


Talk to Guilbert Jemane at the Grey Mare in Chorrol. He will ask you to find and secure a farm called Weatherleah, where they lived before they got separated. Sabine Laul at the local Fighters Guild can mark it on your map. Go there, kill the ogres (three of them), and return to Guilbert Jemane. Then guide the brothers to Weatherleah for your reward.

Journal EntriesEdit

After speaking to Guilbert about the quest:

Guilbert and Reynald Jemane have asked for my help in reclaiming their ancestral home. I need to look for Weatherleah, somewhere to the south of Chorrol. Perhaps I could ask around town and see if anyone can help.

After asking around about Weatherleah:

One of the townspeople in Chorrol mentioned that Sabine Laul at the Fighters Guild may know Weatherleah's location, as she has explored much of the surrounding area. I should speak to her next.

After speaking to Sabine Laul:

Sabine Laul at the Fighters Guild in Chorrol told me that Weatherleah should be due south of Chorrol and she's kindly marked it on my map. I should head out there now.

After finding Weatherleah overrun by ogres:

I've found Weatherleah south of Chorrol, but it's overrun with ogres. I should report this information to Guilbert.

If you decide to return to Guilbert with the info (or you can just kill the ogres first):

Guilbert was glad that I'd found Weatherleah's location, but I'll need to kill the ogres so that it's safe to travel there.

After killing all the ogres:

The ogres have been defeated. I should make my way back to Chorrol and bring this information to Guilbert.

After telling Guilbert of your victories:

Guilbert was very happy to hear that I'd killed the band of ogres at Weatherleah, and is anxious to return. I should take he and his brother there as soon as I'm ready.

After bringing the Jemane brothers to Weatherleah:

The Jemane brothers have returned safely to Weatherleah.


There is a glitch that may occur when you travel to Weatherleah to kill the defending ogres, they are not there, thus the quest cannot be completed. Therefore you cannot gain the Honorblade of Chorrol and the Escutcheon of Chorrol. Check the surrounding area, the ogres have been known to wander long distances to attack passing monsters and hunters - even as far away as Hackdirt and beyond. There are three of the ogres.

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