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Faction: Mages Guild
Quest giver: Hannibal Traven at the Imperial City Arcane University
Reward: Rank of Warlock (now able to access council chamber)

Background InformationEdit

Raminus Polus tells you that Arch-Mage Traven will personally provide your next task. You may now travel into the council chamber (legally). Traven will ask you to find and rescue an informant, Mucianus Allias, in the elven ruin of Nenyond Twyll. He'd like you to get there as soon as possible before some Imperial Battlemages get there and possibly botch the job.

Quest DetailsEdit

Upon entering Nenyond Twyll, you will meet with the last surviving member of the battlemages, Fithragaer. He informs you that the rest of the battlemages have died and the necromancers have retreated farther into the ruin. After he tells you to follow, he will run off and get himself killed in a spike trap. Fight your way through the rooms of the elven ruin. You will find tons of wraiths and necromancers. Each of these necromancers will have some kind of weapons that you can pawn and make good money. Make sure you have plenty of room or at least Pack Mule spell to increase your storage.


Poor Mucianus. End his suffering and send him to the gods.

When you enter the room Nenyond Twyll Riellesel, Mariette Rielle will meet you, chat a bit, and then attack. Kill her and continue on. Near the end you will find Mucianus Alias, except that he has been turned into a zombie. Wait for the journal-update, after which you can kill him or just go back out and bring the news back to Traven.


  • In the room that leads to the informant, there are two Varla Stones. Their cages can be opened by swimming to the buttons, one on each side of the walkway.
  • You don't have to kill Mucianus. When you get the update, you may just leave the ruin without killing him.
  • While it is possible to save the battlemage, you don't receive anything for it. He will just tell you a rumor that leads nowhere.
  • If you are trying to sneak past the necromancers, avoiding fights, you still have to kill Mariette Rielle. She does not immediately attack you when you enter her room, but when you get too close she will start talking to you, blowing your cover. You can, however, kill her easily with one or two sneak arrows before she starts talking.
  • Killing the surviving Battlemage will get you kicked out of the mages guild.
  • The surviving Battlemage may end up on the trap in a way that it is repetively triggered, requiring an even more careful navigation of the room. This may be fixed upon returning from the second area of the ruins however.

Journal EntriesEdit

I need to speak to Hannibal Traven, who has a special assignment for me.

After discussing this quest with Traven:

I need to travel to Nenyond Twyll, south of the Imperial City, and make sure Mucianus Alias is safely rescued from the Necromancers there. I am to escort him back to the Arcane University.

After Fithragaer dies:

Fithragaer, the only surviving Battlemage, is dead. I'll need to continue on my own into the ruins to find Mucianus Alias.

Once you've found Mucianus Alias:

I've found Mucianus Alias. He's been transformed into some kind of walking dead; there's nothing I can do for him. I should report his fate to Hannibal Traven at the Arcane University.

Once you've reported back to Traven:

Arch-Mage Traven has been informed of Mucianus Alias's fate.

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