Light, a spell effect of the Illusion school of magic, creates an artificial light with a green hue at the location of the target. The magnitude of the effect is the effective radius of the light source. Continual casting of a small magnitude, self-targeting spell with the Light effect is one of the best ways to increase the Illusion skill. At higher Alchemy levels, Light potions created by the player are much more powerful than any Light spell. While it may seem obvious to most, it should be noted that Light spells casted on yourself illuminate your character, making you easier to spot in dark areas.

Ingredients that cause LightEdit

Unless the ingredient has Light as its first effect, the ingredient must be combined with other Light-related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion that has the Light effect.

Light spells


Skill level: Novice (0)

Spell Effect: Light 10 ft for 90 secs on Target

Magicka Cost: 13


Skill level: Novice (0)

Spell Effect: Light 20 ft for 60 secs on Self

Magicka Cost: 14


Skill level: Apprentice (25)

Spell Effect: Light 30 ft for 120 secs on Self

Magicka Cost: 47


Skill level: Journeyman (50)

Spell Effect: Light 40 ft for 180 secs on Self

Magicka Cost: 103


Skill level: Expert (75)

Spell Effect: Light 50 ft for 240 secs on Self

Magicka Cost: 183


Skill level: Master (100)

Spell Effect: Light 60 ft for 480 secs on Self

Magicka Cost: 462

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